Glass Flooring from ThinkGlass

Glass flooring from ThinkGlass Inc. is composed of layers of glass fused together using extreme heat to create a strong and durable block of pure glass, while preserving its luminescent quality. The end result is a strong walking surface that is able to withstand more than 300 percent the required weight, ThinkGlass reports. Lightly textured to prevent slipping, the glass flooring is available in eight textures and thicknesses of 36 millimeters, 48 mm, 72 mm and 96 mm. ThinkGlass can also customize the flooring by inserting color from artist Mailhot, or LED lights. ThinkGlass flooring is available in Aqua, a greenish glass; or Crystal, an almost colorless glass that is well-suited for glass art and LED additions, the company reports.

ThinkGlass Inc.
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