Lamination, cutting, IG lines

Insulating glass production line

For.El S.p.A. of Italy presented a lamination line, vertical cutting line, insulating glass production line and scanners.
The lamination line can work with different types of specialty glazing, according to a company release.
The vertical cutting line for laminated glass is interfaced with the storage warehouse and the loaders for safe and automatic handling. The line can achieve a cutting capacity of more than 1,000 square meters in an eight-hour production cycle, employing just two operators.
The insulating glass production line produces panels of large dimensions and panels with excellent heat and sound dampening coefficient, according to a release.
The scanner automatically identifies shapes and dimensions of sheets of glass without entering order data into a software program, and can be installed in line. The identification of the shape is immediate, providing all information to the following machines to complete the whole process, according to the release.
An in-line quality control scanner has an integrated shape identification feature that checks and classifies any faults, such as scratches and impurities affecting each single glass sheet and records the image files in a database. Scanner control reduces faults in the double-glazing panels.
The automatic applicator series TBB automatically positions the spacer profile along the perimeter of the glass to make both insulating glass panels and curtain walls.
A new gas filling press for structural glazing series, APGS, couples the panels injecting gas--Argon or Krypton--inside, all in one operation.
The vertical grinding unit series EM performs continuous and complete edge machining on both straight and shaped glass without handling it, obtaining an industrial polished edge and squaring of the sheet while considerably cutting operating time, according to the release.

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