New Finishes and Coatings from Viracon


Viracon now offers its ExtremEdge warm edge spacer in a black finish. ExtremEdge is positioned between two lites of glass and is designed to improve the U-value of an insulating unit. The new black finish reduces interior reflection through glass. All ExtremEdge products reduce edge conductivity and thus, heat transfer into buildings. It offers condensation resistance values as high as 64, minimizing the formation of condensation on glass surfaces.

VRE-65 is the latest addition to Viracon's lineup of high-performance glass coatings. With this addition, Viracon offers a tool for designers and architects to balance aesthetics, natural light and solar heat gain while enhancing energy performance. VRE-65 achieves this balance through maintenance of Light to Solar Gain ratios from 1.25 to 1.80. Designers and architects can specify VRE-65 on any standard glass substrate or same surfaces as DigitialDistinctions and silkscreen patterns. Booth #1831

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