Oversized Glass Printing Technology from Sedak

Sedak GmbH & Co. KG, based in Gersthofen, Germany, will showcase its latest digital ceramic-ink screen printing technology for oversize glass formats. With the new technology, full-coverage printing on panes of glass up to 15 meters by 3.21 m using the roller-coater technique is joined by flatbed digital printing that can produce complex, multi-color pattern designs and images in high-resolution photo quality, Sedak reports. Ceramic inks are sprayed onto the glass surface with a plotter. Subsequent firing in a furnace bonds the durable, scratch-resistant inks permanently to the glass. After printing, the glass can be sent for laminating, cold-bending or processing to create insulating glass units. Sedak can print photographs, images of materials and textures, and repetitive decorative patterns onto its oversized glass panels. Booth #1002

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