Pilkington MirroView 50/50

Pilkington North America expanded its MirroView product line, designed to conceal the appearance of digital displays and video screens, to include MirroView 50/50. The new product offers the same qualities as the original, but with increased visible light transmittance, ideal for high light environments, such as bathrooms, living rooms, hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, lobbies and salons, the manufacturer reports. Pilkington MirroView 50/50 has a highly reflective mirror coating on clear glass, which gives digital displays and video screens a modern, transitional look. The product conceals the screen by appearing as a normal mirror when the screen is ‘off,’ and the video image shows through the mirror when the screen is ‘on.’ Pilkington MirroView and Pilkington MirroView 50/50 are both coated using a pyrolytic or “hard coat” process. The pyrolytic process chemically bonds the coating to the glass at the molecular level while the glass is still in the semi-molten stage. These glass products are durable and can be easily handled, transported and processed, including tempering. The pyrolytic coating does not degrade over time, giving the product a virtually unlimited shelf-life, Pilkington reports. Customers can specify the products to meet any size requirement for home or office. 

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