Pilkington Profilit with ProColor from TGP

Technical Glass Products now offers Pilkington Profilit with TGP ProColor. The high-performance channel glass coating does not require tempering, and is bonded to the glass with high adhesion strength to resist chipping and fading. TGP offers ProColor in a wide array of opaque and metallic colors with varying translucency, and can apply it to standard and low-iron Pilkington Profilit channel glass options in all available textures, including Standard Cast, Macro, Slim Line, Wave and Clear. For added protection and opacity, customers can request TGP ProColor with an optional flood coating, or a custom-blended TGP ProColor coating. Pilkington Profilit channel glass is a translucent linear channel glass system consisting of an extruded perimeter frame and self-supporting cast-glass channels. It can be used in interior or exterior applications, with an overall span of up to 23 feet. The channels can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

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