PPG Energy Modeling Tool

PPG Industries launched the online Energy Modeling Tool that enables architects and specifiers to model energy costs for a statistically representative 12-story building constructed with selected PPG architectural glazing. Located at glassenergyanalysis.ppg.com, the tool enables users to specify PPG glass according to visible light transmittance and window type, and to configure the prototype building using inputs for climate zone, building shape and orientation, and window-to-wall ratio. The tool generates a report using U.S. Department of Energy reference building energy simulation software showing energy costs associated with each of the selected glass types. The cost saving for each type is benchmarked against a baseline insulating glass unit incorporating two panes of uncoated clear glass. The PPG Energy Modeling Tool is the latest addition to a suite of Web-based resources to help architects and designers streamline the glass specification process, which includes Glass eVIEW, Glass Education Center, project gallery and a library of Building Information and Modeling files.

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