Rack-mounted inclinometers

Unruh Fab Inc., Sedgwick, Kan., added two rack-mounted inclinometers as standard equipment on all of its pickup racks and one on its single-sided van racks. The equipment provides a distinct, easy-to-read visual reference to the driver of the truck if it is parked at an unsafe angle for loading or unloading. When truck lean exceeds 3 degrees, the driver should be alert to the fact that the glass might be in danger of falling. Large calibration markings on the inclinometers provide a clear visual indication to the driver of how much the truck is leaning, so adjustments can be made to assure safe loading and unloading. The company can provide a simple-to-install kit containing one or two inclinometers, labels and mounting instructions for racks already in service.

Unruh Fab Inc., Sedgwick, Kan.
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