Radiation-shielding lead glass

Technical Glass Products, Snoqualmie, Wash., is distributing LX Premium, a radiation-shielding lead glass that offers protection against radiation while resisting staining and discoloration from moisture, common in conventional lead-glass products. The product consists of LX-57B X-ray shielding glass sandwiched between two panels of protective sheet glass. The glass is suitable for use in X-ray control booths or observation windows. The glass is resistant to shattering, even when broken, and excels in impact resistance. It contains more than 60 percent heavy metal oxide and at least 55 percent lead oxide. LX Premium is available in three thicknesses: LX8 Premium (15 millimeters) for traditional applications, and LX11 Premium (18 mm) and LX14 Premium (21 mm) for areas where greater protection is required, such as cancer treatment facilities.

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