Rhino Fab 600 Machining Center from DeMichele Group

The DeMichele Group’s Rhino Fab 600 Machining Center, distributed by Glazier’s Center, is a customizable solution for cutting and fabricating storefront and curtain-wall systems. Designed specifically for the glazing industry, the Rhino Fab uses smartmotor technology to accurately position products for fabrication along the top, bottom and front axis. The Rhino Fab 600 has a built-in, 90-degree upcut saw to trim and cut materials to the correct size for assembly. Once the product has been fabricated and cut, it exits the fabrication unit and a product label is created to identify the product. Although DeMichele Group designs its own estimating and fabrication software for the machine, the Rhino Fab can read standard .ncx file formats from many other manufacturing software systems as well, Glazier’s Center reports.

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