Series 3250 Aluminum Replacement Windows from Winco

Winco's Series 3250 steel replica architectural aluminum replacement windows are now available in fixed and project-out configurations that resist over 150 miles per hour wind velocity, according to ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 standards. The windows are designed to replace original steel windows in high-wind coastal regions, Winco reports. Winco hurricane-rated 3250 windows are made with reinforced aluminum frames and feature a PVB laminated interlayer, providing protection from noise, wind and water infiltration, as well as an energy-saving 0.33 U-value. The architectural grade thermal window system features 3 1/4-inch deep frame with 1/8-inch wall thickness, permitting large window sizes without reinforcement. Winco’s Series 3250 feature 2 ¾-inch-wide stack joints to meet historic sight line requirements, an integral extruded beveled glazing leg and a fully-mitered sash with fully-sealed corners and triple weather-stripping.

Winco Windows
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