Suntuitive from Pleotint

Pleotint LLC will demonstrate its redeveloped Suntuitive glass for dynamic windows, which offers a light-gray base color that provides color neutrality and compatibility with glass tints. The technology allows windows to passively adapt to direct sunlight, optimizing indoor comfort, views and daylighting, while blocking heat generated from sunlight, glare and ultraviolet light. When paired with low-E glass in an insulating glass unit, Suntuitive glass can produce visible light transmittance as high as 60 percent in a clear state and solar heat gain coefficients as low as 0.11 in a darkened state, according to the company. Since Suntuitive glass is laminated, it not only reduces outside noise transmission, but it also improves security, Pleotint reports. Windows incorporating Suntuitive glass require no electrical or mechanical intervention, and the installation is the same as traditional operable and non-operable window systems in residential or commercial applications. Booth #4456

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