Three-stage Bending System from Casso-Solar

Casso-Solar Technologies introduced a three-stage bending system to allow for increased production of multi-layer ballistic glass. The system includes a main furnace with two preheat/anneal stations and two carts that shuttle between the load/unload, preheat/anneal and furnace stations. The carts are large enough to accommodate two identical large parts, which will bend at the same rate and the same process time, according to the company. Three to four loads can be processed within an eight-hour period, depending on glass thickness. The complete recipe-driven PLC is operator friendly, and non-contact optical pyrometers monitor the glass bending process. Casso-Solar Technologies offers three types of glass laminating with interlayer films including polyvinyl butyral (PVB), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), DuPont SentryGlas and other materials. All systems are individually designed to meet the requirements of each customer, the company reports. Booth #2435.

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