Unitized curtain wall

United States Aluminum Corp., Waxahachie, Texas, will show its Series 5250 unitized curtain wall. The system allows for fabrication, glazing and assembly in an interior environment. Completed panels can be shipped to the job site for quick fit-together erection, according to a company release. Available as either a fully captured or vertically butt glazed system with a 2 ½-inch sightline and 7 ½-inch overall depth, the system is designed to be flexible with up to 2.5-percent inter-story drift to absorb building movement. A three-way adjustable anchor allows for easy adjustment during erection, according to the release. Thermal efficiency results from a non-conductive injection- molded thermoplastic connector that joins exterior and interior members. Series 5250 accommodates 1-inch insulated glass infill or ¼-inch spandrel.  

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