YCW 750 OGP Curtain Wall from YKK AP

The YCW 750 OGP curtain-wall product, on display in YKK AP America’s booth in Chicago, incorporates a pressure plate made from polyamide 6.6. The polyamide pressure plate is a superior alternative to competitive fiberglass pressure plates that require special handling and equipment during fabrication, the exhibitor reports. The plate can be used with YKK AP’s YCW 750 outside-glazed curtain-wall system to improve the unit’s overall thermal efficiency and condensation resistance. It also reduces temperature transfer from the exterior to the interior, creating a more comfortable interior space. The YCW 750 OGP will deliver a 20 percent gain in U-factor performance and a 10 percent gain in its condensation resistance factor when used with standard low-E glass, the exhibitor reports. Booth #2212

YKK AP America
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