YCW 750 XT Curtain Wall from YKK AP

YKK AP America released its YCW 750 XT curtain wall system to mitigate excess moisture that consistently poses condensation threats in healthcare facilities, the company reports. Healthcare facilities tend to be affected by moisture because indoor temperatures are typically cooler than outside temperatures, and humidity can range from 40-60 percent depending on the area and environment requirements—surgical rooms, patients needs, etc. Products such as the high-performing YCW 750 XT curtain wall system from YKK AP America’s innovative enerGfacade line provide hospitals better performing window systems, improved energy performance and no condensation issues, according to the manufacturer. The new system offers double thermal barriers and various glazing options, and warmer interior surfaces for increased condensation resistance. The YCW 750 XT is capable of integrating with buildings' air-vapor barriers, and exceeds stringent green building codes and standards.

YKK AP America
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