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    Officials from Henkel of Bridgewater, N.J., presented Purfect Glaze V, a polyurethane sealant for vertical glazing processes. The product offers quick green strength and design pressure of 50 and above, according to a company release. It can be formulated in almost any color and bonds to a range of substrates including glass, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and vinyl. 
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    Exclusive licensee of GE sealants and adhesives, Momentive Performance Materials Inc. of Albany, N.Y., introduced GE RapidStrength AC RGS7700AC silicone bedding sealant. Applications include construction of doors, windows and window wall, and for fabrication and shop glazing of curtain wall modules. The sealant consists of 100-percent silicone rubber to resist weathering, ultraviolet exposure and...
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    Universal Photonics Inc. of Hicksville, N.Y., brought the V2 wheels that use only water, no cerium oxide, to create highly polished edges. The wheels have been specifically designed for slurryless polishing and polish any thickness of glass, creating clean and bright finishes without leaving wheel marks, according to company literature. Available in a range of dimensions or fabricated to custom...
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    The Fused Silica Division of Belgium’s Vesuvius S.A./N.V., with U.S. manufacturing plant and sales office in Dillon, S.C., introduced Smartly Driven glass tempering rolls with a patented all mechanical end cap attachment system. Rated for 350 degrees Celsius, the system requires no resin bonding; it uses a fixation system to lock the cap in place on the silica roller. 
  • Officials from Chemwest Systems Inc. of Portland, Ore., demonstrated a particle removal system that removes glass particles from grinding and beveling coolant, and delivers 99.9-percent particle-free coolant to grinders. The clean cutting fluid adds lubricity, improving feed rates for most cutting and polishing operations and extending diamond wheel life, according to a company release.  
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    Laser Products Industries of Romeoville, Ill., introduced the LT-55 XL precision laser templator. Users can measure more than 100 feet with 1/16-inch accuracy. The product is particularly suited to creating templates for high-vaulted window frames and oddly shaped windows. All templates are saved in DXF.
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    NEMI of Zimmerman, Minn., featured the DigiCoder and vacuum pod. The DigiCoder allows users to digitize complex shapes by fastening them to the backboard and tracing around them with a probe. Basic square and rectangular shapes can be digitized by picking a few points. Based on the points, the machine will draw the shape automatically and captured data is converted and output in several optional...
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    FeneTech Inc. of Aurora, Ohio, partnered with Austria’s Softsolution to introduce the LSC Linescanner. With 400 dots per inch resolution, the product checks drill holes or cut-out positions, including shapes, by overlapping the original CAD drawing to the scanned result. It detects any type of surface default such as inclusions, scratches, stains, chips, coating defects, among others,...
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    Germany’s Isra Vision AG presented the Powerscan universal optical inspection system that provides glass plate monitoring. It inspects for glass defects on the surface, coating and edges, and can find all form defects in various batch configurations, according to a company release. The multi-camera scalable system, integrated into the various stages of processing glass, provides 100 percent...
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    Shanghai Glasstem Machinery Co. of China introduced a glass tempering furnace with an enhanced convection heating system. The system uses a compressor to raise hot air pressure and the compressed hot air blows directly on the glass at high speed. Both radiation and convection heat the glass, resulting in fast and uniform heating for low-E coated glass, according to a company release. The heating...
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