Latest Products in Fabrication Glass

  • SPL Recycling will promote its flat glass recycling services that include the processing of laminated safety glass windshields and armored glass products.
  • Safety Glass Experts International Oy Ltd. will promote its training, consulting, diagnostic and mold tooling services for safety glass fabricators and glass processing equipment manufacturers. The firm specializes in tempering, laminating and mold tooling, and works will all gravity bending furnaces, horizontal tempering furnaces, lamination equipment and autoclaves. As a Finnish company, it is...
  • Thermoseal Group Ltd. will showcase its warm-edge products, including Thermobar and its compatible components. The company offers a comprehensive range of warm-edge components and will demonstrate how each product performs within a sealed IG unit, it reports. The company will also promote machinery for manufacturing high performance glazing.
  • TGT GmbH will introduce a new mini-crane: the TGT MiniCrawler for glazing. The unit has a reach of 12.5 meters (about 41 feet) and a payload capacity of 990 kilograms (almost 2,200 pounds). The mini-crane’s small, 76-centimeter chassis enables it to maneuver through cramped passages or doors, according to the exhibitor.
  • On display in Germany, the GlasLift series from HH-Intellitech consists of the GlasLift 250D, GlasLift 351 and GlasLift 500 high performance multi-lifters. The GlasLift 500 and Gerenuk 500 multi-lifters feature a 3D head that makes it possible to mount up to 500 kilograms (about 1,100 pounds) of building materials to the equipment at any angle, the exhibitor reports
  • Dip-Tech will feature digital in-glass printing solutions that combine the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility and quality of digital printing. The exhibitor’s equipment can accommodate all exterior and interior glass printing applications, spanning a full range of artistic and functional requirements, it reports.
  • Sklopan Liberec will promote its glass processing equipment that includes lines for the production of acid-etched matte glass, as well as automated production lines for machining, preparing, measuring, and inspecting flat glass.
  • Shenzhen Huntek Coating Technology Co. offers AZO rotatable targets, architectural glass magnetron coating lines; a metal bonding service for rotatable targets up to 5 meters in length; and consultation services for sputter coating and conductive film technology operations. Its targets are extensively used in the thin-film solar-cell and low-E architectural glass industries, the exhibitor reports.
  • SynergX Technologies will display its fully automated, non-contact glass inspection systems capable of inspecting single or multiple glass lites before or after assembly at standard or high resolution. According to the exhibitor, the systems can accommodate various product sizes, shapes and colors. 
  • Lovati Fratelli will promote a range of equipment for shaped glass processing, including CNC machines; NC drilling and routing machines; NC corner machines; loading/unloading units; automatic grinding machines with template, semiautomatic edging; and beveling machines. On display will be the Alcor 100 NC drilling and routing machine with one double head; the IZAR-42 four-axis CNC machine; and the...
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