The 2019 Glass Magazine Awards: Nomination Forms and Details

Glass Magazine's annual awards show features all-new product and project categories

Glass Magazine Award winners 2018

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the 2019 Glass Magazine Awards, the annual prestigious awards program recognizing stand-out glass and glazing product and project innovations. Submit your nomination using the appropriate form below.

The extended deadline for nominations is May 29, 2019.


  • Submitters are limited to two nominations total.
  • To be eligible, projects must have been completed, and products must have been released, after March 1, 2018. 
  • Do not submit the same product or project nomination for inclusion in multiple categories.  
  • Incomplete entries may be removed from consideration. 
  • Editors reserve the right to reallocate submissions to different categories as appropriate. 
  • By submitting images to the Glass Magazine Awards, you agree that you/your company are the originator or copyright owner of the work, and that you grant Glass Magazine and its parent, the National Glass Association, permission to use your submitted work in publications and related materials. 


Project Awards

To qualify for most innovative project categories, projects must have been completed after March 2018.

1. Best Decorative Glass Application
This category highlights stand-out decorative glass projects, interior or exterior. Previous winners have featured large-scale architectural applications, decorative glass for signage and public art displays, and more. 

2. Best Feat of Engineering
This category recognizes amazing applications of glass and glazing that stretched the design and engineering team. Tell us about your structural glass walls, your glass floors, your façade systems with complex geometries, your seismic-rated curtain walls and more. 

3. Best Green Project
This category recognizes high-performance, sustainable glass and glazing projects. Projects should demonstrate how glass is a key component in meeting green project performance goals. 
4. Best Glass Interior
Glass is taking over the interior. Tell us about your innovative interior stairs, rails, walls and more. Describe the benefits of the interior application, from acoustic performance to daylighting. Note: projects with decorative glass should be submitted in the Best Decorative Glass Application – Interior category.
5. Best Jumbo Glass Project
Go big or go home with this category, which recognizes impressive oversized glass applications for the interior or exterior.   

6. Best Project Team
This category recognizes collaborative design and construction on a project with innovative glass and glazing. Entries should highlight a design-assist or design-build project that brought glass and glazing industry players into a project early on and required frequent collaboration throughout the process.   

7. Best Protective Glazing Project
This category highlights the glass and glazing products and installations designed to protect occupants and save lives. Applications can include any type of protective glazing, from fire-rated to hurricane impact to intruder-resistant and more.

Product Awards

To qualify for most innovative product categories, products must have been released after March 2018.

1. Best Innovation for Architects
This category recognizes products and solutions designed to benefit the architectural community. Submissions could include software or apps that assist with performance and sizing calculations, design or reference tools that make products easier to specify, sample boxes, educational offerings and more.  

2. Best Innovation for the Factory
This category recognizes any products, tools or equipment designed to benefit industry manufacturers. Submissions could include machinery, equipment, tools, software and more.  

3. Best Innovation for Installers
This category recognizes any products, tools or equipment designed to benefit installers, providing cost, labor and time savings. Submissions could include equipment, tools, software, installer-friendly end-products and more that help installers cope with labor concerns, save time and money. 

4. Best Glass or Glass Component Product
This category recognizes glass and glass components products (glasses, coatings, spacers, etc.). Submissions will be judged on a product’s ability to advance the industry and meet customer demands. 

5. Best Framing System or Component
This category looks at the frame. Tell us about your complete metal systems, profiles, component parts and more. Submissions will be judged on a product’s ability to advance the industry and meet customer demands. 

6. Best Hardware Product or System
This category highlights innovations in glazing hardware. Applicable products could include hardware for doors, windows, bath enclosures, railings and more.  

7. R&D Award
This category highlights the impressive research and development efforts that go into the creation of a new product. It is all about the process of creating solutions to the industry's top challenges. Entries can highlight concepts for new products that have or have not launched. Submissions should detail the design and development process.  

To nominate a product or project for the 2018 Glass Magazine Awards, complete the nomination form by May 29.