2016 Top Glass Fabricators - The Market

2015 marked sales success and new challenges for top glass fabricators
By Bethany Stough and Wendy Vardaman
March 28, 2016

1. How did sales levels in 2015 compare to the previous year?

Respondents to the Top Glass Fabricators survey compared their 2014 and 2015 sales. The vast majority reported higher year-overyear sales.

2. What are your future capital acquisition plans?*

Fabrication machinery, equipment and handling equipment/trucks continue to top fabricators’ lists of capital acquisition plans, as they did the last two years. Fabricators are looking to increase production, with 57 percent of respondents planning to acquire new machinery and equipment.

3. What are your company's future expansion plans?*

The majority of respondents to the Top Glass Fabricators survey plan to add new products and product lines in the coming year. An additional 17 percent expect to add locations. Just 10 percent plan to make acquisitions, compared to 20 percent last year.

4. What product areas offer the most potential for growth in 2016?*

Energy-efficient glass and protective glazing continue to compete with decorative glass products in terms of growth potential for Top Glass Fabricators. While decorative glass has long been the frontrunner product area for fabricators, the growth opportunities are increasing in other areas in 2016.

** including office partitions, custom laminated glass, all-glass heavy shower enclosures, jumbo/oversized glass

5. Which of the following commercial construction segments provided the most growth for your company in 2015?*

*Respondents were asked to check all that apply.

Top Glass Fabricators Talk Product Trends

“Larger, thicker low-emissivity insulating glass.”
Rob Carlson, engineer/designer, Tristar Glass Inc.

“The demand and expanded need for fire and safety rated glass has propelled our involvement in this genre.”
Chip Rogers, president, Woonsocket Glass Fabricators.

“Privacy glass has increased tenfold. Laminated glass has gone through the roof.”
Corey Myer, TBM Inc.

“The demand for laminated glass and decorative glass continues to rise... and the combination of multiple processes, such as laminated back-painted glass, or glass with both digital print and back paint.”
Chris Mammen, president, M3 Glass Technologies.

Top Glass Fabricators Talk Transportation Woes

"There is a shortage of trucking equipment and drivers. We are reserving dedicated trucks from our vendors in advance.”
Troy Johnson, vice president, sales, SIGCO Inc.

“Our suppliers’ shortage in trucks means we have to supply and pickup glass from their locations to ensure on-time, consistent delivery.”
Michael Zizek, marketing director, Vitrum Glass Group

“We have experienced late shipments and extended product lead times that, at times, have forced us to juggle factory workloads and production schedules.”
Rob Taliani, vice president, sales, W.A. Wilson Inc.

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