2017 Top Glass Fabricators: The Market

One word defines the current state of North American glass fabrication: growing
Bethany Stough
February 27, 2017


Top 5 Architectural Glass Trends
Top Glass Fabricators work to meet demand

“We have been acquiring equipment that can meet the [oversized] size requirements … and ensuring that the plant is set up to handle the fabrication process and the correct flow of production.”
—Alison Smith, marketing manager, AGNORA.

Higher quality
“We’re seeing projects with tighter quality specifications. Tristar is addressing this by adding additional quality measurement systems and personnel to increase the quality of glass fabricated.”
—Rob Carlson, mechanical engineering, Tristar Glass.

Laminated + safety glazing
“There’s been increased interest in safety, security, impact and acoustic. SIGCO has added an automated laminating line to address these concerns.”
—Troy Johnson, vice president, SIGCO.

Custom decorative
“There is a trend for more custom and decorative elements in glazing. We coordinate closely with glaziers, architects and builders to keep projects running smoothly.”
—Joe Carlos, director of sales and marketing, Triview Glass Industries.

Structural glazing
“Tristar is addressing this by increasing our sales force's knowledge base to better handle the design considerations associated with projects that include structural glazing.”
—Rob Carlson, Tristar.

Supplier Solutions
Top Glass Fabricators offer solutions to customers’ supply chain challenges

Challenge #1
Short timelines, long lead times

“The biggest challenge in our industry is meeting demanding delivery schedules. Once final field measurements are taken, the glass is always needed as soon as possible so that the space can open. To meet this challenge, we had to add a second shift. On our second shift, trucks are loaded and ready to go to meet the customer's schedule.”
—Eric Latin, president, Dundy Glass & Mirror Corp.

“Our customers are often squeezed in the middle between the tight schedule demands of their customers and the long lead times for some glass products. M3 launched a Continuous Improvement program in 2016. One direct result of our efforts has been much shorter lead times for decorative glass products.”
–Chris Mammen, CEO, M3 Glass Technologies.

Challenge #2

"Our customers face a high level of competition and extreme pressure on prices. Prelco tries to alleviate these challenges by proposing cost-saving solutions to architects that will, in turn, benefit our customers.”
—Sylvain Maillet, director of marketing, Prelco Inc.

“There is extreme pricing pressure on high-performance products. Matching project performance needs with affordable glazing options becomes very difficult. Aldora is constantly seeking options in different price ranges for end users to choose from.”
—Jim Pande, sales and marketing, Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products

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