AIA Continuing Education

CE offerings from AIA Expo 2018 glass and glazing industry exhibitors

AIA Expo 2018 Courses
Thursday, June 21

Designing for Sustainability in the Glass & Glazing Industry
When: 10:30-11:30am
Where: Booth 556LL, Kawneer Learning Lounge, Javits Center 

A crash course on aluminum framing to get an overview of how standard architectural aluminum-framing products can be a key element for a sustainable building project—regardless of the green building certification.

Guardian Glass
Designing with Large-Scale Glass: Trends & Considerations
When: 2:15-3:15pm
Where: Booth #4178, CE Theater D, Javits Center 

An exploration of how large-scale glass is transforming the urban landscape. This is an opportunity to discuss how technological demands and considerations are involved in large and complex designs. In addition to the aesthetic opportunities that large-scale glass offers, attendees will discover the energy-saving possibilities of advanced coated glass available in bold new sizes.

Sustainable Design uses for Large Opening Wall Systems
When: 4-5pm
Where: Booth #5078, CE Theater A, Javits Center 

A discovery of the characteristics of both folding and sliding operable walls. Attendees will see typical usage, operation animations, material options and examples of unique installations, and learn how independent tests verify the wall systems' resistance against the elements and gauge the impact of fresh air and daylight for building occupants. 

Friday, June 22

Safti First
Designing with Fire-Rated Glass
When: 12:30-1:30pm
Where: Booth #4178, CE Theater D, Javits Center 

An opportunity to learn everything there is to know about fire-rated glass and glazing. Advanced fire-resistive glazing systems help meet fire/life safety code requirements and enhance a building's overall design, performance and occupant comfort.

C.R. Laurence
Glass Doors, Entrances, and Hardware: Design Trends & Challenges
When: 4-5pm
Where: Booth #4178, CE Theater D, Javits Center 

This session will address security, safety, and accessibility. Experts will discuss current trends and key considerations in glass entrance design and hardware requirements in all types of buildings. Attendees will explore the challenge of complying with fire, life safety, accessibility, and building code requirements while meeting design intent and maintaining function for the building's lifetime.

Company-hosted Courses

C.R. Laurence:
Booth #1945

  • Glass Railing Code Compliance
  • Optimizing Thermal Performance
  • Specifying Envelope Systems
  • Interior Glass Wall Office Systems
  • AIA-Accredited Manufacturing Plant Tour

Booth #4743

  • Designing with Architectural Decorative Glass
  • Designing with Fire-Rated Glass

Guardian Glass:
Booth #1003

  • Daylighting Design Update
  • Principles of Glass Selection for Facades: From Rendering to Reality
  • The Evolution of Glass and High-Performance Coatings
  • The Use of Laminated Glass in Architectural Design
  • Glass in Today's Architecture
Kolbe Windows and Doors
  • Customized, Personalized Windows & Doors
  • Unique Door & Window Applications
Booth #361
  • Introduction to Coatings: Field Performance and the Application Process
  • Choosing Sustainable Finishes

Sierra Pacific Windows:
Booth #1967

  • Architectural Powder Coatings
  • Energy Performance with Modern Glazing
  • Warm Edge Technology
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Total Window Control: Creating A Better Home Environment
  • High Performance Glazing Systems

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain:
Booth #4737

  • Fire-rated Glass: An Application Guide
  • Sustainability and Fire-Rated Glass
  • Pushing the Design Envelope with Fire-Rated Glass

Booth #507

  • Fostering Transparency with Environmental Product Declarations
  • Structural Engineering with Components and Cladding
  • Sixth Edition 2017 Florida Building Code with Components and Cladding
  • Proper Application of Storefronts, Window Walls and Curtain Walls
  • Windows for Schools
  • Ensuring Compliance of Fenestration with Today’s Energy Codes and Green Standards
  • Hurricane Impact Resistance with Architectural Aluminum Glazing Systems
  • Curtain Wall Design
  • Fenestration and Glazing Considerations for School Safety
  • Southern Exposure – Energy Practices in the Southeast
  • Sustainable Fenestration Design and the LEED Green Building Rating System
  • Finishes for Architectural Aluminum Glazing Systems

Online Courses

Booth #4743

  • Designing with Architectural Decorative Glass

Booth #361

  • Introduction to Coatings: Field Performance and the Application Process
  • Choosing Sustainable Finishes

Booth #1021

  • Designing with Fire Rated Glass On-Demand Webinar

Sierra Pacific Windows:
Booth #1967

  • Powder Coating: Plenty of Durable Options

Unicel Architectural:
Booth #2083

  • Daylight and Energy: Designing with IGUs with Integrated Cord-free Louvers