AIA Expo 2013

A preview of the products on display in Denver

Glass and glazing suppliers will join more than 700 exhibitors, June 20-22, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver for the AIA 2013 National Convention and Design Exposition, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. The following article offers a preview of the glass and metal products that will be on the expo floor— from fire-rated glass, to dynamic windows, to blast-resistant curtain wall.

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Architectural glass

Electrochromic glass

SAGE Electrochromics will promote SageGlass, an electronically tintable glass for windows, skylights and curtain walls that tints automatically or on demand to control sunlight. The electrochromic glass eliminates the need for shades or blinds, helping building occupants maintain their connection to the outdoors and reduce energy consumption by harnessing the sun’s warming rays in winter and deflecting them in summer, according to the exhibitor.
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Low-E coatings

Viracon will showcase several new products at the 2013 AIA Expo, including: RoomSide low-E, an interior surface coating designed to improve the U-value of a dual-pane insulating glass unit by as much as 20 percent; CyberShield, a glass coating specifically engineered for RF shielding applications; VUE-30, a high-performance coating designed to reduce solar heat gain (solar heat gain coefficient is 0.18 and visible light transmittance is 31 percent); VE-45, a low-E coating that offers improved balance between visible light transmittance, solar control and enhanced U-values; ExtremEdge, a warm-edge spacer designed to improve edge-of-glass U-value; ClearPoint, a point-supported insulating glass system designed to increase the transparency of glass façades; and DigitalDistinctions, a line of decorative glass products that combines the versatility of digital printing with the durability of ceramic inks, according to the supplier.
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Solar control

PPG Industries’ Solarban 67 is a solar control, low-E glass with a neutral coating that gives buildings a crisp and clear exterior appearance, along with excellent solar control performance, according to the AIA exhibitor. Engineered with a proprietary double-silver, MSVD coating, Solarban Solarban 67 accurately reflects the timbre and brightness of ambient light, the company reports. In a standard 1-inch IGU with conventional clear glass, Solarban 67 has VLT of 54 percent and SHGC of 0.29, yielding a lightto- solar gain ratio of 1.85. Solarban 67 also has low levels of interior and exterior reflectance, further enhancing its ability to reflect true-to-life light and color, PPG reports. The glass can be specified with clear or tinted glasses from PPG, and with Vistacool or Solarcool reflective glasses.
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Curtain wall

Hurricane and blast-resistant curtain wall

Kawneer will highlight a variety of products at the AIA Expo, including sun shades, and impact-resistant and high thermal-performing systems. Among the new products on display will be the 1630 SS IR curtain wall. Designed to meet hurricane and blast mitigation standards, the new curtain-wall system has been rigorously tested to provide protection against high winds and heavy rains, Kawneer reports. It is available in wet silicone glazed and dry glazed options, and offers a 3-inch sightline and ease of installation.
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Pilkington Planar system

W&W Glass LLC is the exclusive distributor of the Pilkington Planar System, used to create striking, highly transparent, point-supported structural glass fin walls, cable nets, canopies and skylights. In Denver, the exhibitor will promote the recently launched Pilkington Planar Crystal Connect fitting system, developed by Pilkington Architectural and Dow Corning. Formerly known as Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive, the system incorporates small stainless steel disks adhered to the glass with clear structural silicone adhesive pads. This eliminates the need for drilling holes in the glass, W&W reports. All Planar Systems come with Pilkington’s 12-year design, manufacturing and installation warranty. W&W maintains an in-house staff to assist with engineering, design and budgeting.
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Bi-fold sliding door system

C.R. Laurence will showcase the new Monterey Series bi-fold sliding door system that enables users to convert a glass wall to a flexible open space, according to the exhibitor. The system is available in both standard and thermally broken models. CRL also will promote the Essence Series headerless sliding shower door system, and new Guarda protective security screen door and window screens. The exhibitor’s U.S. Aluminum division will highlight a suite of high performance thermal doors that offer low U-factors ranging from 0.57 to 0.31 and a high CRF rating, the supplier reports.
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Self-closing sliding glass door

Klein USA will introduce the Rollglass Self, a self-closing sliding glass door system designed to replace a traditional swinging door. The system features a single frameless interior sliding glass door in a series of one, two or three fixed frameless glass panels. After opening, the door panel closes by itself according to eight different adjustable speed settings. The sliding glass panels are available up to 10 feet high, with 3/8-inch or ½-inch-thick glass. The system is ceiling mounted, eliminating the need for a floor track and creating a clean, modern design that allows for increased daylighting, according to Klein. A minimal gap between the fixed and sliding panels enhances both aesthetic and acoustic features, the company reports.
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Metal products and finishes

Antimicrobial protection

Linetec now offers antimicrobial protection for high-touch, architectural metal surfaces on doors, windows, curtain wall, entrances, panels and column covers. Antimicrobial protection is infused into select polyvinylidene fluoride finishes to inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria on the coating of aluminum surfaces for healthcare facilities, educational campuses and other buildings. As a fluoropolymer finish containing a minimum of 70 percent PVDF resin, this three-coat system meets the requirements of AAMA 2605, the most stringent, high-performance specification for architectural coatings, according to Linetec. When moisture is present, the silver ion exchange mechanism infused into Linetec’s select finishes acts to disrupt the growth of such stain- and odor-causing bacteria, it reports.
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Guardian Industries will launch its web-based BIM Generator, a tool that populates manufacturer data for thermal and optical performance of project-specific customer IG makeups in BIM format. The tool is the first of its kind, the exhibitor reports. Guardian also will promote its new SunGuard Neutral 78/65 glass that provides high visible light transmission, high solar heat gain and a neutral color—ideal for climates where passive heat gain is desired, according to the manufacturer. SunGuard Neutral 78/65 can be used in double- or tripleglazed units. In addition, Guardian will display its InGlass interiors portfolio, including Guardian Reveal glass that transitions from transparent to opaque with a single click.
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Specialty glass

Fire-rated glass

Safti First will promote its SuperSecure II-XLS clear, fireresistive security glazing that achieves a Class A-1 rating per the California Department of Corrections 860-09a testing requirements and meets ASTM E-119/UL 263/NFPA 251 with hose stream up to two hours. The glazing provides 45 minutes to 120 minutes of temperature-rise protection along with forced-entry security in dramatically larger sizes than wired glass alternatives, according to the exhibitor. Backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, SuperSecure II-XLS 45- 120 provides maximum security protection; protection against fire, smoke and radiant heat; and high STC ratings, the supplier reports.
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Architectural dynamic glass

View Inc. will display its architectural dynamic glass that intelligently tints in response to external conditions. View Dynamic Glass has a solid-state coating with nano-layers of metal oxides. A low voltage applied to the glass causes ions to move between layers of material, changing the glass from clear to variable tint—allowing for unlimited variability, according to the company. View Dynamic Glass tints in response to GPS positioning data, predicting the angle and intensity the sun will hit the glass throughout the day. Occupants can also manually control the tint in real time to maintain the precise temperature and brightness desired. View Dynamic Glass provides unobstructed views without heat or glare, providing occupant comfort and natural light while reducing building energy consumption, according to View. It also provides architectural design freedom with larger glass sizes available and no need for blinds and shading structures.
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Decorative glass

GGI offers an array of decorative glass options, including patterned, printed, back-painted and satin-etched, as well as Alice direct-to-glass printing technology. To create the increasingly popular “faded” effect on glass, GGI can paint, print or treat the back surface of the glass to produce a distinct color finish. The glass color fades from 100 percent opaque to transparent, providing a beautiful blend of light, transparency and privacy that is well-suited for commercial interiors, conference rooms, partitions, entrance systems, and stairwells and railings, according to GGI. Using its Alice direct-to-glass printing technology, GGI can scale images printed with frit, and add or modify colors in a full range of opacities to create a unique glass design, it reports.
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Thermochromic interlayer

Pleotint LLC will demonstrate its Suntuitive thermochromic interlayer, which it says is North America’s first commercially available window interlayer for laminated glass that gradually darkens in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight, then cools as the sun moves across the sky, returning to a clear, neutral state. Because of its ability to passively adapt to direct sunlight, the Suntuitive interlayer can optimize indoor comfort, views and daylighting, while blocking heat generated from sunlight, glare and ultraviolet light without the need for window shades. When paired with low-E glass in an insulating glass unit, the Suntuitive interlayer also helps building owners significantly reduce heating-, cooling-, and lighting-related energy costs, according to the company. The Suntuitive interlayer requires no electrical or mechanical intervention. Installation of Suntuitive windows is the same as that for traditional window systems, the exhibitor reports.
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Vinyl commercial windows

Kolbe Windows and Doors will promote a new window and door product line for commercial buildings, the Kolbe 4500 Series. The series includes fixed and tilt-turn windows, tilt-andslide doors, and outswing hinged doors. These steel-reinforced vinyl products are designed to meet requirements for enhanced energy efficiency, occupant safety, low maintenance and longevity, according to the exhibitor. Kolbe 4500 Series windows and doors are available in two frame styles: North American 3 ¼-inch frame with nailing fins, and European 2 3/8-inch frame. Dual overlapping neoprene gaskets provide a tight seal against air and water infiltration. The product’s 1 3/8-inch triple-pane insulating glass can reach U-values as low as 0.17. Window units with laminated glazing options attain sound transmission class ratings as high as 39. Kolbe offers the product line in an assortment of colors and finishes.
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Accessible projected windows

To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Wausau Window and Wall Systems added hardware options for its INvent Series—as well as its 4250-Z zero sightline awning and casement insert vents—to meet the operating force and limited motion requirements of ICC/ANSI A117.1. The exhibitor’s accessible projected windows can be opened using one hand, and require an operating force of five pounds or less to unlock, open, close and lock without requiring users to tightly grasp, pinch or twist their wrists, Wausau reports. To maximize energy efficiency and condensation resistance, most accessible INvent Series projected and casement windows are available with triple insulating glass, integral between-the-glass blinds and 24-millimeter XLT polyamide thermal barriers. Accessible options are also included within the INvent Retro Series of historical replication windows.
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