Best project manager

John McGee, manager of safety & training, Binswanger Glass

McGee’s career in the glass industry began in high school, when he became involved in a vocational education program. “I attended classes for half the day and worked the other half,” he says. “The job I found was as a helper in a glass shop. I liked the challenge of performing a variety of tasks with very little repetition.”

McGee says the keys to success in the glass industry are “to embrace change, be prepared for long hours, and surround yourself with—and empower—the best team possible.”

What is a memorable challenging job/project you have completed? Chevron’s Enron II Building. This 40-story downtown Houston building was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike, and presented numerous challenges spanning over two years. What made this job a success was having the right team assembled. My achievement would not have been possible without the tremendous support I received from the following Binswanger individuals: Tom Armiger, Ernie Jackson, Rick Bravo, Chuck Sims, John Merwyn, and the reliable support staff of Binswanger Branch 49. The entire Chevron Team was exceptional and easy to work with.

One-word description of the glass industry: Challenging

One-word description of self: Tenacious, followed very closely by the word, Texan!

Career history: Binswanger Glass Co., Aero Glass, AAA Glass, Carswell Glass, The Glass Man, LOF Glass, Barton Glass, ADA Auto Glass, AGC; all located in and around Fort Worth, Texas

Education: Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, Texas, Associates of Science Degree in Business Management, 2004

Diversions: Ranching (horses and buffalo), ham radio operator, politics

Family: Two daughters, Laynie and Rachel

Favorite authors: Zane Gray, Larry McMurtry, Louis L’Amour: anything which expands my knowledge and appreciation for the resourcefulness of the American cowboy

If a movie were made about your life, who would you cast to play you? Tommy Lee Jones

Connections: Binswanger Glass Training Center, 2400 White Settlement Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76107, 817/332- 3714,