Best Project Manager

Ryan Thomassen, regional supervisor, Direct Project Group, EFCO, A Pella Company

Landscaping brought Ryan Thomassen to the glass industry. While working through college as a landscaper, Thomassen heard about an estimator/project manager internship from a professor. “I was ready to quit landscaping and get into my degree field,” says Thomassen. “I followed up and [it] turned out that the company was Builders Glass & Products. I had done some landscaping work for one of the owners a few months before. He recognized me, liked my work, and I was offered a job. I worked through the last semester of college as an intern for them then went full time upon graduation.” With 13 years in the glass industry, Thomassen is now a project manager/regional supervisor with EFCO Corp. The key to success in the industry, according to Thomassen, is “customization of products, always being open to change, being willing to take calculated risks, and ensuring you have dedicated team members in place to make it happen.”

Describe a memorable, challenging project that you completed. How did you overcome those challenges?

The most challenging project was one we just completed: The Historic Wrigley Building in Chicago. EFCO was contracted to replace all of the approximately 2,000 windows in both towers. The customer requested installation to begin four months after award of the contract. Our team had to provide fully engineered shop drawings and field measurements; battle the unknown hidden conditions of a 90-year-old building; coordinate scheduling between material procurement, production, delivery and ever-changing tenant and customer schedules; deal with tiny existing elevators to convey material to all floors; and day and night shift installation. The entire company was involved from day one. Team members from the executive staff all the way to field quality personnel worked in harmony. It was truly a team effort from the top down.

One-word description of the glass industry:


One-word description of self:


Career history:

2008-present, project manager/regional supervisor, EFCO Corp., Monett, Mo.; 2005-2008, project manager, DCI Construction, Springfield, Mo.; 2000-2005, estimator/project manager, Builders Glass & Products, Springfield, Mo.


Missouri State University, B.S. in Construction Management, Springfield, Mo.


Fishing, volunteering at church


Wife, Dana; Daughters, Alyssa (11) and Emily (8)

If a movie were made about your life, who would you cast to play you?

Kevin James

Favorite sports team:

St. Louis Cardinals


EFCO Corp., 1000 County Road, Monett, Mo., 65708; 800/221-4169 ext. 1714,