Best Sales Representative

Ryan Hoffman, architectural representative, Viracon

Ryan Hoffman wasn’t looking for a new job, let alone one in the glass industry. But the glass industry found him. A friend in Viracon’s HR department saw Hoffman as a good fit for the company and brought him in for an interview. “The interview went well and it seemed like a natural fit,” he says. Hoffman says he has relied greatly on the industry insights of colleagues and customers. “There is so much to learn from the professionals in our industry,” he says. “I’m very grateful to my customers and working partners at Viracon who have taught me so much about the glass industry.” As a sales rep for Viracon, Hoffman sees the key to success in the industry, as “servicing the customer.” “If you’re willing to provide the customer with the information they need in a timely manner and assist where you can, then you will increase their success,” he says.

Describe a memorable, challenging project that you completed. How did you overcome those challenges?

City College of San Francisco Chinatown / North Beach Campus was challenging. I was the primary liaison between our customer and Viracon. Our customer selected a unique high-definition silk-screen that involved input from the artist, architect, glazing contractor, general contractor, Viracon and several Viracon suppliers. Continuous communication was essential. We had a great group of people on all fronts, and the result was a beautiful building that is a true landmark in San Francisco.

One-word description of the glass industry:


One-word description of self:


Career history:

February 2007-present, architectural representative, covering northern California, northern Nevada and Utah, Viracon, Owatonna, Minn.; December 2004-February 2007, field sales trainee (inside sales, technical services, architectural design), Viracon


University of Nebraska, Omaha, marketing and international studies, 2001


Anything active (sports, hiking, skiing, boating, horseback riding, etc.), country concerts, spending time with family and friends


Wife, Sarah Kay; two dogs, Fiona (Peekapoo) and Reagan (Great Dane)

If a movie were made about your life, who would you cast to play you?

Jeremy Renner

Favorite sports team:

Minnesota Vikings (or any Minnesota team in season)


355 Steven Street, Mountain House, Calif., 95391; 925/895-0217;