Educational Marketing through Podcasting, at GCI Consultants

Bethany Stough
July 2, 2016

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Paul Beers, CEO of GCI Consultants, has always enjoyed listening to podcasts. He says, “Podcasts are interesting because you can multitask—listen while doing other things. You can make a time that's not so productive a little more productive with a podcast.”

Since starting GCI in 1988, Beers has become well-known in the industry—both as a leader and a resource. When it came to providing a podcast for the glass and glazing industry, he thought, “why not me?”

Beers started the Everything Building Envelope podcast in March 2016. The intent of the podcast is to present topics of interest to a wide audience, and to stimulate thought and discussion.

Published on the first of every month, there are now four podcasts, all covering a different topic and often featuring an expert guest. After an initial introduction podcast, where Beers introduced himself and the company, he has published two podcasts on 2016 weatherproofing (exterior walls and installation), and one on hurricane glazing systems and standards. His employees, Chris Matthews and Peter Craig, have joined as his guests.

So far, Everything Building Envelope reaches a wide range of industry leaders and participants, both clients and non-clients, including installers, supervisors, building and company owners, project managers, architects and engineers, as well as attorneys. “We want to promote and establish ourselves through the podcast,” says Beers. ‘It’s educational marketing—educational for the industry; we’re not selling anything. But, it raises the respect level for [GCI], and...leaves a good impression with existing and prospective customers.”

Beers does note that, although the intent of the podcast is educational, GCI Consultants has secured customers and business as a result. He and his employees have a grassroots marketing effort to promote the podcast, including handing out information cards to contacts and at trade shows. Currently, the company is improving its social media presence to promote the podcast even further.

“Whatever medium it is, if you can provide a service to your audience, it's really well-received and effective. If people truly understand who you are and what you do, this goes far beyond talking about yourself and how great your company is,” says Beers. “The educational market is powerful, and a great way to reach the check writers.”

Stough is managing editor for Glass Magazine, and e-glass weekly. Write her at