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Most Innovative Glass Product

Low-E Photovoltaic Glass
Onyx Solar Group

Onyx Solar developed Low-E Photovoltaic Glass for building envelopes. The glass unit combines the benefits of a traditional low-emissivity glass with the addition of the generation of free electricity from the sun.

The product relies on the traditional low-E glass makeup, with a semi-transparent V-inch PV interlayer to generate electricity. This configuration, with natural properties of the amorphous silicon solar technology, offers numerous benefits to a curtain wall or skylight project. The Low-E PV glass:

  • Filters out 95 percent of ultraviolet radiation and up to 85 percent of infrared radiation, due to the siliconbased material of the PV interlayer.
  • Provides a solar heat gain coefficient ranging from 10 to 40 percent, depending on the configuration selected, thus providing enhanced thermal comfort.
  • Allows for natural daylighting, and maintains views, with a visible light transmittance up to 40 percent.
  • Provides reflectivity from 7 to 9 percent, making it an attractive product option for south-facing façades in the Southern United States.
  • Offers thermal insulation, as the glass is available as double and triple glazed units, providing U-values up to 0.13.
  • Generates free electricity from the sun, reducing operations and management costs for the owner.

“We are trying to offer the market a multi-functional glass [that offers] the standards of the low-E available in the market, [in addition to] providing electricity for the owners, reducing the carbon footprint of the construction,” according to Diego Cuevas, Onyx’s vice president, global business development for the Americas.

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