Global Security Glazing Gets Airtime for Security Glass

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Demonstration of security glazingGlass can be invisible, in the best possible way. But that also means consumers, and those outside of the glass industry supply chain, may not be aware of what it can offer. Global Security Glazing, worked to change that when the company agreed to feature its new security glazing product, Childgard, on “Inside the Blueprint,” a show on Fox Business Network that highlights new innovations in commercial construction and design. 

The strategy

Global Security Glazing’s Childgard security glazing is laminated glass with a security interlayer, designed to withstand extensive physical attack during a forced-entry scenario. 

When the company was contacted by “Inside the Blueprint,” company officials were already working to increase coverage of the new glazing. “We felt that Childgard security glazing was a product that needed to reach a bigger audience outside of traditional trade segments and during that time we were approached by ‘Inside the Blueprint,’” says Mike Nicklas, director of Invisiwall glass systems and Childgard security glazing. “We wanted to reach a larger pool of people overall, but especially those who were in a decision-making capability within schools and communities where they reside,” says Nicklas. 

The video 

The five-minute-long segment opens with titles listing some of the worst school shootings in recent history, including Columbine and Parkland. Continuing with interviews with Chad Snyder, security product manager, Global Security Glazing, and Tim Greene, engineering manager, Consolidated Glass Holdings, the video intercuts their description of the security glass’s purpose and efficacy with footage of its manufacturing and tempering processes. 

An extended sequence showcases how the glass withstands forced entry. Greene shoots a lite of Childgard glass, and also demonstrates a forced-entry scenario, hitting the lite with a hammer, sledgehammer and other blunt instruments. 

The response 

Responses to the segment seem to be positive, say Angela Beach, senior marketing manager, Consolidated Glass Holdings. The video showcase was also part of a larger marketing strategy, which included an updated web page and a new focus on sales. “All of these efforts moved the needle significantly for us,” says Beach. “We are seeing more interest in not only Childgard but also our whole line of protective glazing products.”