Great Glazing: Custom interior office

The basics: This commercial office space in Tulsa, Okla., features a 42-foot-long, custom, continuous art mural that spans 14 glass panels suspended from the ceiling. Created by Tulsa artist May Yang, the mural is based on local Oklahoma themes, transitioning from rural landscape to the Tulsa skyline. The image is concentrated in the lower portion of the glass with darker colors to obscure desks, while the top portion of the glass remains clear for high visibility and an open atmosphere. White laminated office partition walls allow for privacy between the three spaces and double as floor-to-ceiling white boards. 

The players: Glass fabricator: Tristar Visions; Glass manufacturer: PPG Industries; Glass panel hardware fabricator: Carlson Design; Sliding door hardware supplier: C.R. Laurence; Installer: Tristar Glass, in conjunction with Carlson Design. 

The glass and hardware: The panels hang 4 inches off the ground on hardware designed and fabricated by Carlson Design. The glass does not tie into the walls or floor at any point. Fabricated by Tristar Visions, a division of Tristar Glass, the glass panels that serve as the front walls of the individual offices feature 600 DPI images printed in full transparent color. The transparent images on the sliding doors, when opened, overlap images on the office front walls, creating a unique multi-layered transparency. The layout consists of twenty 48-inch by 96-inch glass wall panels and 52-inch by 80- inch sliding glass doors. The doors are suspended 4 inches off the ground via Laguna Series Sliding hardware from C.R. Laurence Co. 

Specs for the office front glass panels are: ½-inch oa tempered laminated; ¼-inch PPG Starphire, Tristar Visions Laminated Prints; ¼-inch PPG Starphire. Specs for the glass office partition walls are: ½-inch oa tempered laminated; ¼-inch PPG Starphire, Trosifol Shiny White interlayer; ¼-inch PPG Starphire. 

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Photos by Caty Smith,