Great Glazing: Dorrance H. Hamilton Garden Terrace

The basics: Two-thousand square feet of dynamically tintable glass helped to transform the previously sweltering Dorrance H. Hamilton Garden Terrace in Philadelphia’s iconic Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts into an elegant glass-enclosed event space. The open, indoor terrace sits atop the Perelman Theater at the highest elevation under the Kimmel Center’s soaring 150-foot-high barrel-vaulted glass roof. Enclosing the formerly open terrace in glass keeps event noise from disturbing other Center activities.

Using SageGlass dynamic glass enabled a tint-on-demand ceiling for the new enclosure that preserves views of the city skyline while managing heat and glare issues.

The players: Architect, BLT Architects; general contractor, Haverstick-Borthwick Company; glazing contractor, APG International; glass fabricator, SAGE Electrochromics; glass manufacturer, Cardinal Glass Industries

The glass and systems: The SageGlass tintable glass units, each measuring 35 7/8-inches by 60-inches and 1.28 inches thick, are comprised of 6 millimeter SageGlass FT, 12 mm air spacer, 6 mm Clear HS, 0.030-inch interlayer, and 6 mm Clear HS.