Great Glazing: Isono & Vasco Restaurant

The basics: The new Isono & Vasco Restaurants in Hong Kong use glass and the play of light to create space and privacy on the interior. Decorative, clear glass flanks the walkway façade on the second floor overlooking the entire restaurant below. Patrons dining on the top floor—Vasco Restaurant—are treated to an impressive three-dimensional glass walkway, while those below in Isono get the grand scope of the entire glass façade.

The refined glass partitions distort light to create privacy without sacrificing illumination. Interior designer Joyce Wang incorporates the cast glass dividers into the design of Isono and Vasco, elevating the dining experience by layering radiating globes of light with metal and stone finishes, which all blend seamlessly with the glass panels to create a retro-futuristic look.

The players: Designer, Joyce Wang; installer, Multiplex Construction; glass fabricator, Nathan Allan Glass Studios.

The glass and systems: For this Hong Kong restaurant duo, Nathan Allan Glass created a series of ten textured cast glass panels using its Convex Glass Squares design from the studio’s Josiah J Collection. Using proprietary free-forming glass procedures, Convex Glass provides a beautiful visual appeal, while also creating a light distortion and shadowing effect.

The cast glass panels for this project are clear glass with the Convex Squares texture. Each glass panel measures 5 feet by 8 feet, and is constructed of 3/8-inch tempered safety glass. Lighting on both sides of the glass dividers enhances the three-dimensional texture of the glass. The cast glass panels for thisproject are installed in stainless steel frames with glass cushions underneath the glass panels siliconed on perimeter edges.