Great Glazing: Korean Land Development Exhibit Building

Photos courtesy of Pleotint LLC

The basics:  Owned by the government of Korea, the new 12,100-square-foot Land Development Exhibit Building in Seoul exemplifies the forward-thinking building performance encouraged by the country. Design goals for the government, which will interact with developing countries doing business in Korea, included showing sustainable practices and incorporating energy-efficient products into building envelopes. To meet those goals, the project features thermo-chromic, self-tinting glass with high performance thermal control.

The players: Architect, Simyung Architecture; glass supplier, Pleotint LLC; glass fabricator and installer, Jasan Glass Korea; metal systems supplier, Kuk Young G&M

The glass and systems: Fabrication partner Jasan Glass Korea installed 5,600 square feet of Suntuitive Glass by Pleotint LLC on the building's southern elevation. 

Suntuitive was chosen to display a new, sustainable design element as well as to mitigate thermal heat loads in the lobby and near the escalators where the space for HVAC ducts was especially limited, according to Daniel Lee, western sales manager, Pleotint.

Lee says, “The Korean Government is mandating changes to improving building efficiencies including solar heat gain coefficient. Suntuitive Glass ... was a great way for the building to be ‘future proof’ as it relates to the advancing of codes there.”