Great Glazing: LAX Westfield Terminal 2

Photos courtesy of Giroux Glass Inc.

The basics: The Westfield Terminal 2 project at Los Angeles Airport is a $300 million renovation featuring a new design that "reflects the energy of LA's on-the-go culture," according to designers. A major challenge was completing renovations on schedule with the terminal open and operational during construction. Airport security also complicated the project, and locations for work constantly changed from one night to the next. Renovations included the removal of glass and metal at Gate No. 22, to be stored and re-installed at a later date; the installation of a new glass grand staircase in the Westfield retail section, new patterned glass walls, retail storefronts and a restroom remodel.

The players: Architect, Akarstudios and SF Jones Architects (restroom remodel); general contractor, Hensel Phelps and Premier Interior Development Inc.; contract glazier, Giroux Glass Inc.; glass fabricators, Avalon Glass and Mirror, Custom Industries, Glaspro, Precision Glass Bending, PRL, Trulite; metal fabricators, ArcadiaC.R. Laurence Co.Lindblade Metalworks; window film supplier, Solar Art

The glass and systems: A focal point of terminal renovations, the glass grand staircase features 32 custom, individually-sized glass risers. Each back-lit step is ½-inch low-iron glass tempered with sandblast and sealer on the No. 2 surface, including six custom ½-inch countersunk holes per piece. All were anchored individually into steel back plates. GlasPro provided the stairway glass with Advanced Plastics creating plastic templates for the glass. C.R. Laurence Co. supplied the channel and setting blocks.  At the bridge area, Arcadia provided the channel glass.

The lower arrivals area features glass and maharam-patterned white walls lined with ¼-inch back-painted, low-iron, tempered glass, also from GlasPro. The back-painted art incorporates a modern interpretation of a California desert landscape. The restroom remodel includes custom, back-painted, laminated glass from GlasPro and interior mirrors. Channel and angles were supplied by Lindblade Metalworks Inc.

Both the lower arrivals and upper departure levels have new serpentine storefronts and retail signage comprised of flat, bent-convex and bent-concave lites of glass from Custom Industries and Precision Glass Bending. The glass is ½-inch, low-iron, tempered, held in place with stainless steel standoffs from C.R. Laurence Co. Brake metal was supplied by Lindblade Metalworks.