Great Glazing: Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center

Photos courtesy of Moon Shadow Glass Inc.

The basics: The University of Oregon’s renovated Marcus Marioti Sports Performance Center football facility features sections focused on different aspects of athletic performance, including sports science, recovery, physiology and movement.

A trophy lobby to honor the Center's namesake is designed to inspire the athletes and includes an oversized transparent LED flat screen television with highlights of Marcus Mariota and iconic two-sided images printed on glass.

The players: Architect, SRG; general contractor, Hoffman Construction Co.; contract glazier, Culver Glass; glass manufacturer, PPG Industries; glass supplier, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope; glass fabricators, Moon Shadow Glass Inc.Hartung Glass Industries

The glass and systems: The glass-rich entrance features numerous images direct-printed on both sides of 1/4-inch Starphire tempered glass. Glass fabricator Moon Shadow Glass Inc. printed the full, four-color images in-house, then laminated them to preserve the images and protect them against fading. Hartung Glass Industries fabricated the photo-etched ½-inch Starphire tempered glass used in the Center's helmet room.

“The images make up the whole hallway on both sides,” says Kris Iverson, marketing and creative director, Moon Shadow Glass. “We also did photorealistic etching on some of the panels on surface one, with text etched on surface two.”

In addition to fabricating glass in the corridor, Moon Shadow worked with installer Culver Glass in Eugene, Oregon, to produce the hall and door glass.