Great Glazing: One Franklin Park

The basics: The glass-enclosed ten-story One Franklin Park office building in Franklin, Tennessee, relies on multiple types of high-performance glass to meet rigorous energy performance requirements. In all, the project, which is poised to achieve LEED Gold certification, features seven different glass types that “further assist the aesthetics of the building, while providing the efficient U-values required in the latest codes,” according to Juba Aluminum officials. In addition to the extensive glazing scope on the exterior curtain wall, the building also features glass in the elevator cabs and throughout the lobby, and glass handrails surrounding balconies on the tenth floor.

The players: Owner/developer, Spectrum Properties / Emery Inc.; architect, Duda-Paine Architects; general contractor, Bell & Associates; glazing contractor, Juba Aluminum Products; glass fabricator, Viracon; interior glass, Glass Dynamics; curtain wall framing supplier, Gardner Metal Systems

The glass and systems: In all, Juba installed about 120,000 square feet of glazed curtain wall and 3,200 square feet of panels. The high-performance curtain wall—Gardner’s 600 wall system—provides a CRF of 55, meets 12 psf and handles wind loads up to +56/-48 on the roof, according to Juba officials. The curtain wall features a total of 3,650 glass units—1-inch insulating with argon fill and low-emissivity coatings. The elevators and lobbies feature 2,197 square feet of glass. The lobby features ¼-inch low-iron glass with a custom color double-pass ceramic coating. The elevator features 9/16-inch low-iron laminated glass with a custom color double-pass ceramic coating.

The project also features metal panels—aluminum composite panel column covers on the ground floor and corrugated panels in the screen wall.