Great Glazing: Pacific Sotheby Headquarters, San Diego

The basics: San Diego Office Design created the interior for Pacific Sotheby’s new flagship national headquarters using a color palette that invokes a seaside sunset. Custom made glass wall panels provide a dramatic visual statement for the realty company, which specializes in luxury homes.  

The players: Designer, San Diego Office Design; general contractor, Davis & Adams; glass supplier, Nathan Allan Glass Studios

The glass and systems: Willow Gemstone Blue, by Nathan Allan Glass Studios, reflects the afternoon sunshine with an ocean colored hue. Produced using technology developed at Nathan Allan, the pattern is composed of sweeping, curved 3D grooves, while 95 percent of the glass surface is virtually texture free. The color finish produces the seaside feel the designers envisioned.

The wall’s clear tempered safety glass is ⅜-inch thick, and made with the Willow kiln formed glass pattern. Each panel measures 5 by 5 feet. These panels sit on a strong, micro thin rail that supports the glass while staying invisible. Thin rails are used at the top of each panel for a secure installation. Willow’s texture sparkles in natural daytime light, and is accented at night by interior lighting.

Nathan Allan worked with Tamara Romeo of SDOD to develop glass for the project. Says Romeo, “The Willow Glass was the feature ‘wow’ element of this project. Everyone that walks through the space can’t wait to touch it, and the reflection of the afternoon sun through the glass is absolutely breathtaking.”