Great Glazing: Q22 Office Tower

Photos courtesy of Press Glass

The basics: The 980,000-square-foot office skyscraper, Q22 in Warsaw, Poland, was completed in July 2016 after three years of construction. Its striking design by Kuryłowicz & Assoc. combines elements typical of constructivism and neomodernism, and features an innovative glass façade. Over 270,000 square feet of insulating glass units were installed on the project, and innovative photovoltaic systems were used on the roof.

The players: Architect, Kuryłowicz & Associates; contract glazier, Defor; glass supplier, Press Glass; BIPV solar panel manufacturer, Maybatt

The glass and systems: The building’s glass façade was developed and installed by Defor in cooperation with Press Glass, which supplied the IGUs. The initial concept included a segmented façade with aluminium strips visible on the outside and separated floor strips, but the Investor wanted to achieve a visual effect resembling a quartz crystal.

"We took the challenge, and in cooperation with architects we proposed a solution that has never been used before, anywhere in the world: a segmented structural double-glazed façade with a glass pane to the full height of a story, with no visual separation of the floor strip. The design required close cooperation with the Construction Engineering Institute as well as suppliers, including glassworks and glass fabricators," says Piotr Węglewski, Defor’s commercial director.

Double-glazed units, 187 by 100 inches, with selective solar control coatings and Thermofloat thermal insulation coating, achieve 0.5 U-values. The coatings were applied to the base glass with reduced iron content, then tempered and laminated.

The Polish company Maybatt supplied 303 double-layer BIPV modules for the roof. Maybatt applied these modules to tempered single glass panes supplied by Press Glass, which were then returned to the supplier to laminate the panes and combine them into double-glazed IGUs with photovoltaic modules. 

A short 360-degree video of Q22’s glass innovations is available here.