Great Glazing: Salt Lake City Public Safety Building

Photos by Kevin Perrenoud

The basics: Glass is a critical design element to reaching the Net Zero energy goals of the new Salt Lake City Public Safety Building. LCG Facades served as the glazing contractor for the 176,000-square-foot project, which features a photovoltaic roof canopy and an off-site solar farm to provide electricity to the building. Architects also relied heavily on natural daylighting to offset electrical lighting demands. The building was constructed to receive a LEED Platinum

The players: Architect, GSBS Architect; general contractor, Okland Construction; glazing contractor, ACM fabricator, LCG Facades; curtain wall supplier, Wausau Window & Wall Systems; glass fabricator, Viracon; photovoltaic glass supplier, Schott Glass; ACM supplier, Alpolic; glass canopy supplier and fabricator, CST Covers.

The glass and systems: The project features a unitized curtain wall with triplepane insulating glass units with two low-emissivity coatings. The curtain wall is angled back toward the building, while following an “S” shape around the main entrance. The slopes and angles of the wall system required unique sizes for the glass units. In addition to installing the curtain wall, LCG also installed the ACM rainscreen panel system, the aluminum and photovoltaic glass canopy, and the interior security glazing.

The canopy features 6,200 square feet of glass, including 4,200 square feet of PV glass, in 5-inch by 12-inch extruded aluminum framing. Each lite of canopy glass also has a unique parallelogram shape. The building also includes 50,000 square feet of the ACM rainscreen, LCG’s SL 2200 ACM framing.