Great Glazing: St. Luke's Meridian Medical Center Chapel

Photos courtesy of St. Luke’s.

The basics: The new chapel at St. Luke's Meridian Medical Center in Meridian, Idaho, offers a place for comfort, quiet reflection and spiritual care for patients, families and staff. All St. Luke's locations have chapels to address the spiritual needs of patients, families and staff, but in 2010 Meridian's chapel space was reallocated for patient care due to lack of space. In 2012 a group of staff members began a grassroots fundraising campaign to construct a new chapel. Glass provides light and color in the small but expansive space.

The players: Architect, LCA Architects; general contractor, St. Luke’s Health System; contract glazier, Custom Glass Inc.; glass supplier, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope; glass fabricators, Hartung Glass Industries, 3Form 

The glass and systems: Hartung Glass Industries supplied and fabricated CrystalEtch low-iron glass for the exterior wall. The insulating glass units are comprised of ¼-inch spandrel, air space and ¼-inch low iron, with a custom High Definition Glass 720 DPI digitally printed frit image. HDG provides a medium for artistic expression while enabling control over architectural and decorative glass properties.

3Form supplied additional Pressed Glass panels for the interior walls. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope provided storefront for the project. 

The chapel design, which incorporates images of Idaho’s striking landscape,  is based on the principle that light and color can help heal, influencing our wellbeing, emotions and ability to cope, according to officials from Hartung Glass Industries.