Great Glazing: Vol Walker Hall & Steven L Anderson Design Center

The basics: The Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas recently completed a major renovation to the Vol Walker Hall and addition, the Steven L. Anderson Design Center. The 37,000-square-foot addition is highlighted by its array of glass systems, most notably the fritted north and south facades that manage heat gain and glare. ACE Glass was the glazing contractor on the project.

The players: Architect, Marlon Blackwell; associate architect, Polk Stanley Wilcox; general contractor, Baldwin Shell Construction; glazing contractor, ACE Glass; glazing system
supplier, Kawneer Co.; interior framing suppliers, Ellison Bronze, Raco Interior Products Inc.; glass suppliers, Viracon, Schott Glass, Rochester Insulated Glass, Tristar Visions; interior glass fabricator, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope.

The glass and systems: The project features more than 17 different glass make-ups in a wide array of system types, including: about 6,000 square feet of the Kawneer 1600 System 2 veneer structurally glazed curtain wall with 140 18-inch vertical glass fins made with Viracon 3/16-inch V175 silkscreened glass; 210 square feet of Kawneer 1600 Slope Wall with 1 3/16-inch Schott Okalux light diffusing glass; 165 square feet of custom modified 1600 Slope Wall Skylight; 4,800 square feet of interior glazing consisting of 1/2-inch clear tempered four-sided structural glazed directly to steel framing; and about 3,000 lites of 1/4-inch clear replacement glass.

Additionally, the building features Viracon VNE 13-63 clear, low-E glass, and Rochester Insulated Glass 2 3/16-inch insulating glass, with three lites of 1/2-inch tempered glass with a 5/8-inch airspace. The building also includes 5/16-inch and 9/16-inch red laminated glass by Tristar Visions.