Great Glazing: Fragmenta glass sculpture

Photos courtesy of Jockimo

The basics: Commissioned by the Alaska State Council on the Arts, Osman Akan’s permanent glass sculpture, “Fragmenta,” opened for viewing in June 2012 at the new Alaska State Crime Detection Laboratory in Anchorage, according to a Studio Osman Akan release. Fragmenta is 20 feet tall, 25 feet deep and 100 feet long, and consists of stainless steel dichroic glass tiles. The sculpture was designed to respond to the changing lighting conditions and ground coverage of snow on the campus and will appear different in winter months through lighting provided by seven metal halide flood lights that are installed in its center, according to the release.

The players: Artist, Osman Akan; engineer, Reid Middleton; production and installation, Demiurge LLC; installation, Neeser Construction; glass design, fabrication, supply, Jockimo.

The glass and systems: The sculpture includes 300 panels of Jockimo DichroGlass. The panels are 24 inches by 24 inches and are laminated with polished edges.  Jockimo drilled a 1 1/2-inch diameter hole in the center of each panel to accommodate mounting hardware.