Intermac Glass Engages Customers with Inside Events

Intermac Glass

Intermac GlassThree years ago, Intermac America & Canada launched Inside Events for its glass division machinery. In addition to participating in industry trade shows, the Inside Events provide another venue for the company to engage current and potential customers. The showroom events usually last two days and host customers at the company’s glass machinery showrooms in Anaheim, California; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; or Charlotte, North Carolina, says Carey Brayer, vice president of sales, Intermac. The company holds its glass division events four times per year. 


Inside Events allow customers the opportunity to demo the company’s machines in person. “When people are spending a tremendous amount of money for equipment, they want to kick the tires,” says Brayer. “They want to see the quality, check out cycle times.” The event also includes education seminars, as well as a tour of the company’s spare parts and service center, and sales administration, says Brayer.

Customer base

Intermac sees a range of its customer base at events. “Some are owners or executives, looking at machines from a commercial standpoint,” says Brayer. “Other companies send engineers and operators, who ask practical questions, who ask to see the software.” Some customers have already bought the machine and want to see it in person to get a sense of size and operation before theirs is delivered, he says. 


Intermac’s showrooms are open 300 days out of the year, and customers can visit on an as-needed basis, says Brayer. This includes customers who want to test proprietary processes with the machines. In 2018, events were held in the first half of the year ― in April and June ― and the next events will be held in October and November. 

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