Most innovative bath enclosure project

Double Bi-Fold Design, Wilson Glass Co.

The centerpiece of this renovated bathroom is an accordion-style shower stall, with frosted glass doors that fold back against the wall to make the small space seem as large as possible. The double bi-fold design relies on the use of double-swivel rollers. Riding on a track that is wall-mounted at the ends and hung from the ceiling in the middle, the rollers support the weight of the doors without requiring any curb or track at the floor. Retracted against the wall, the doors protrude just 3 inches, according to officials from Wilson Glass Co.

The glass is 3/8-inch satin tempered glass, fabricated by GlassfabTempering Services. Dave Wilson, now retired, designed the enclosure with the homeowner.

“The customer really knew what she wanted, and we had been dealing with stainless rolling hardware for years,” says his son Aric Wilson. “We like to do custom, weird stuff more for fun than anything.”

The hardest aspect of the job was “going from paper to actual materials,” Wilson says, and getting the installation “just right.”

“A good customer really makes the difference,” he continues. “She was patient and friendly, and fun to work with. And that makes doing custom work for them easy. All too often it is the opposite.”