Most innovative commercial window

Energsave G-500 Window Series, Peerless Products Inc.

The new Energsave G-500 Series from Peerless Products Inc. achieves a U-value of 0.15, the lowest U-value in the United States, according to company representatives. Aluminum bars placed within the thermal break serve as an isolation piece and slow down heat flow. On each side of the thermal break is the low-E foil used to reflect heat back out. The neoprene foam, located above and below the thermal break, helps absorb and isolate the transfer of cold air. An important window component to reduce heat transfer is the low-E coating, located on both outside glass lites, Peerless reps explain.

On each side of the outside glass lites are gaskets with fins attached. These fins help baffle the air downward. The insulating glass unit is located right above the thermal break to isolate the air in a sterile environment.

The Energsave G-500 Series is available with two frame colors—one on the exterior and one on the interior—and two finishes: anodize or paint. When used on the exterior, the PPG Duranar paint finish does not fade or chalk, according to the supplier.