Most Innovative Curtain-wall Component

Contraflam Structure 60, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

Contraflam Structure 60 is a firerated product available in a new maximum exposed height of 138 ½ inches. The fire-resistant glass panels exceed the height and performance specifications of other fire-rated glass systems in a butt-glazed assembly, according to Vetrotech. The product can exceed 7,500 square inches; can be installed into angle iron, fire-rated steel and aluminum framing, and curtain-wall systems; and can provide for optically continuous, unbroken expanses of glass without any intermediate vertical or horizontal mullions, the supplier reports. Contraflam Structure 60 consists of several sheets of tempered safety glass, with a transparent intumescent interlayer between the glass panes that reacts when exposed to fire, maintaining the partition’s integrity and blocking radiant heat transfer. To further boost the product’s high light transmission, it is also available with extra clear low-iron glass. Contraflam Structure 60 is suitable for interior wall applications such as stairways or atriums. The product is also suitable for select exterior buttglazed applications, Vetrotech reports.