Most Innovative Curtain Wall Product

Pilkington Planar Crystal Connect W&W Glass LLC, Pilkington Architectural,, Dow Corning,

W&W Glass LLC is the exclusive distributor of the Pilkington Planar System, used to create striking, highly transparent, point-supported structural glass fin walls, cable nets, canopies and skylights. Recently, W&W launched the Pilkington Planar Crystal Connect fitting system, developed by Pilkington Architectural and Dow Corning.

Formerly known as Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive, the system incorporates small stainless steel disks adhered to the glass with clear structural silicone adhesive pads. Attaching to the inside surface of the glass only, this fitting technology will not penetrate or interrupt any ceramic frit, colored interlayer or custom artwork that is incorporated into the glazing panel.

Crystal Connect eliminates the need for drilling holes in the glass, offering a unique aesthetic solution: An uninterrupted disc of stainless steel is the only indication of the fitting when viewed through the glass, Pilkington reports.

In addition, the Pilkington Planar Crystal Connect fitting system provides weight-saving opportunities that translate into potential cost savings for both the glass element and the host structure. It also provides proven thermal stability, UV resistance and excellent weatherability associated with the established silicone structural glazing market, Pilkington reports.