Most innovative energy-efficient glass product

Solera+Nanogel Insulation, Advanced Glazings Ltd.

Advanced Glazings Ltd., Sydney, Nova Scotia, offers Solera+Nanogel Insulation, a high-performance translucent glazing that delivers R values of R17–R20, akin to a traditional wall, when used as a double glazed unit. Solera takes direct glare and redistributes it randomly, so it bounces off of light-colored ceilings and walls into deep architectural space. It is compatible with standard framing systems and integrates seamlessly with vision glass.

“Our product has a unique combination of properties: It insulates like a wall, distributes diffused full spectrum daylight into buildings, can be installed into standard framing systems, and has the quality and permanence that comes only with glass,” says Avi Bar, vice president, Architectural Products, Advanced Glazings.

The product consists of two layers of glass separated at the perimeter by an aluminum spacer and filled with a transparent honeycomb core and Nanogel aerogel. Nanogel aerogel, consisting largely of air contained in a nanostructure with pore sizes less than the mean free path of air molecules, is inserted into the honeycomb.

“Aerogel particles used as filling in glass units will settle over time and cause the glass to bulge outward,” Bar said. “After extensive R&D research, testing and engineering, we were able to overcome this challenge because the aerogel particles are not just a loose fill, but are contained within our honeycomb core. Having a partner like Cabot [Corp., Billerica, Mass.] was instrumental in overcoming both technical and strategic hurdles.”

All Solera products create a unique building envelope that, viewed from the exterior, look ‘softer’ than conventional glass envelopes and gently glow at night. The product makes for affordable glass structures that meet or exceed international, national and local building energy codes.