Most Innovative Energy Efficient Glass Product

Solar Roadways

Jockimo Inc.,

Jockimo Inc. has partnered with Solar Roadways,, to create solar-powered, intelligent parking lots and roadways.

Jockimo is the sole provider of specialty glass for the project. The glass supplier, in conjunction with Solar Roadways, developed a cast textured glass surface that can handle heavy traffic while allowing sunlight to pass through to solar cells beneath.

The strong, thick tempered glass has been traction tested, load tested, and impact tested to meet the requirements of roadway conditions. The panels are equipped with a warming element that melts snow and ice in winter months. LED lights can also be incorporated into the panels.

With the Solar Roadway glass design, the designers say they developed “a shape that will allow us to handle curves easily and we designed the shape, macro and micro textures for stability, traction [and] strength. And in case that wasn’t enough, we made it beautiful as well.”

“This is a project that could have significant impact on how we all live and we are very excited for the opportunity,” says Tim Casey, president of Jockimo.