Most Innovative Hardware

Magnaline, Panoramic Doors

Panoramic Doors developed Magnaline, a patentpending hardware system engineered to simplify and improve the operation and performance of its folding glass doors. Panoramic’s folding glass door systems consist of independent panels that sit and travel along a single track to either end of the opening; Magnaline then engages, allowing the panel to swing open and stack to the previous panel. The doors are bottom-rolling, which minimizes the weight on the header, structural costs and operational problems, according to the company.

All of the Magnaline operational hardware is concealed within the frame, giving the folding door system elegant clean lines; the floating panels are the only elements visible. By reducing the amount of hardware through the advent of the Magnaline system, Panoramic Doors was able to cut down door system manufacturing costs and lead times, the company says.